Petros Perlepes

Senior Front-line Engineer


Peter combines a Computer Science background with deep understanding of Analytics, Optimization and Development. As a Senior Front-line Engineer he is responsible for making sure every point the user interacts with reaches excellence in every aspect. He has also worked on enterprise analytics projects in a variety of sectors including banking, e-commerce, travel and many more. He passionately advocates the true collaboration of IT, Marketing and Business people in small medium and large companies alike for reaching the common goals of growth. Peter also has been working closely with top software publication companies, like Manning and The Pragmatic Bookshelf, as a Technical Development Editor. From these projects he has been exposed to a broad spectrum of technologies ranging from Node.js, AWS and Kubernetes to Apache Kafka, RxJs and Ruby On Rails.


End to End Testing Unicorns and Why it is not so hard

“Building the right product” must be paired with “building the product right”. End to End testing, automation and cross-team collaboration are a must if you want to get there. Explore why these are so important and how teams can kick-start this process with the right tools and mindset.


A glimpse into Chrome V8

Want to know more about how the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome and Node.js work for you and your code? In this talk you will get to know at a high level about JavaScript engines and specifically about Google’s own V8, along with some performance tips for your own JavaScript code in the future.

Panayotis Tzinis
Thanos Loumproukos