Peter Perlepes

Lead Frontline Engineer @ Welcome Pickups


Petros combines a strong Computer Science background with deep understanding of Software Craftsmanship, Web Analytics and Optimization. He has worked as a software engineer and also as a web analytics consultant on enterprise analytics projects in a variety of sectors including banking, e-commerce, travel and many more. Aside from his day to day job, Petros has been working closely with top software publication companies ,like Manning and The Pragmatic Bookshelf, as a Technical Development Editor and Technical Proofer. From these projects he has been exposed to a broad spectrum of technologies ranging from Node.js, Docker and Kubernetes to Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and Ruby On Rails. Now his daily schedule at Welcome Pickups is tightly connected with innovation, new technologies, optimizations and making sure front-end code is as close to excellence as possible.


Simplify your business

Studying successful businesses from the past like IKEA, McDonals, Ford etc. and from the modern world like UBER, Google and AirBnB we can see a single common characteristic that has driven their success. Simplifying. In this talk we will define what Simplifiying means for your business, how was it applied to drive huge success in the modern world and how it can be achieved through tried and true techniques.


Why and how internet companies know more about you than you think

As an undisputed fact, data is the new soil of our times. Large companies are going to great lengths to aquire behavioural data from their users, which then results to large profits and innovation. – How are your data collected and how do third party applications discern between users ? – How can users still track you in “incognito” mode ? – Why and how can companies predict your next actions and capitalize on them ? These and much more questions about how much we should care about what data are being tracked, will be answered during this session.

Iraklis Posnakidis
Romain Guy