Peter Eijgermans

CodeSmith and Google Developer


Peter is an adventurous and passionate CodeSmith at Ordina Netherlands. He likes to travel around the world with his bike. Always seeking for the unexpected and unknown. For his job he tries out the latest techniques and frameworks. He loves to share his experience by speaking at conferences over the World and writing for the Dutch Java magazine and DZone. He believes that you as the front-end developer are the spider in the web to bring the user, the team and the product together.


Building an app with NativeScript and Firebase

Are you a web developer who always wanted to write an app for both iOS and Android, but want to write it only once? Do you want a true, performant, native app, but don’t want to learn yet another language, yet another framework and get used to yet another IDE? With NativeScript, this is easier than you might think! NativeScript is an open source framework that lets you build truly native apps from one code base using Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript or JavaScript. You will get 100% access to all native APIs directly from your JavaScript or TypeScript code. In the workshop we will build a robust app with NativeScript. For the backend we use Firebase to speed up development.


Progressive Web Applications: The What, the Why and the How

Mobile app development has been a dominant force in shaping the marketing landscape for small and large businesses alike. Native apps can make sense depending on an organization’s size and needs. We use our mobile devices a lot and a large amount of that time is spent using apps. However, the remainder of that time is spent browsing and searching the web from the mobile device. But what about people who don’t have or cannot download your app? Or current customers on a desktop computer? What about people with limited space on their phones who delete apps to make room for other things? What is their experience like? This is where progressive web apps (sometimes referred to as PWAs) shine. They combine the best features of the web with capabilities previously only available to native apps. Progressive web apps can be launched from an icon on the home screen or in response to a push notification. They load nearly instantaneously and can be built to work offline. Progressive web apps simply work. They are an enhancement to your website. No one needs to install anything to use a progressive web app. The first time someone visits your website, the features of a progressive web app are available immediately – no app stores (unless you want them).

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