Juantomás García

Chief Envisioning Officer | Singular


Chief Envisioner Officer at Sngular Google Developer Expert for cloud Author the Spanish free software book “La Pastilla Roja” Organizer of Machine Learning Spain and GDG cloud Madrid meetups. Former President of Hispalinux (Spanish Linux Local User Group) Team leader: “AbadIA” the AI that will learn to solve the abbey of crime. International speaker with more than 300 talks


AbadIA: Solving a complex game with AI and all the Google Cloud power

Do you know the Crime of the Abbey?

The abbey is an 8-bit game (for spectrum and CPC) that became the first RPG game in 3D (2.5D) in 1987.

This game is a marvel from a technological point of view: in only less than 120k it is capable of storing the sound, the images, all the logic of the program and the data.

Did you manage to finish the game without help?

I do not know any human being who has passed it without help. It is one of the most complicated games that have been developed, like a 1000x compared to the revenge of Montezuma from Atari. The complexity is around (10 **10000).

In the talk we will tell how we design and build an AI capable of playing alone and learn to complete the game.

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