Peter Perlepes

Petros combines a strong Computer Science background with the deep understanding of Web Analytics and Optimization. For more than 2 years, he has been working on enterprise analytics projects in a variety of sectors including banking, e-commerce, travel and many more.

Aside from his day to day job, Petros has been working closely with top software publication companies, like Manning and The Pragmatic Bookshelf, as a Technical Development Editor and Technical Proofer.

From these projects, he has been exposed to a broad spectrum of technologies ranging from Node.js, Docker, and Kubernetes to Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and Ruby On Rails.

Currently, he is working independently as an Analytics Consultant assisting in building and maintaining a data-driven culture and is an active member and speaker for the Google Developers community.

He passionately advocates the true collaboration of IT, Marketing and Business people in small medium and large companies alike for reaching the common goals of growth.

Building a Vue.js app using Firebase

In this session, we plan to show step by step how to create a simple Contacts/Calendar app using the Vue.js framework and Firebase services.

The main technologies that will be used and explained in this demo are:
– Authentication
– Cloud Firestore
– Cloud Functions

The attendee after leaving the workshop will be able to understand how all these technologies function, what are their pros/cons and how they can be combined and used in many different contexts.

The attendee:
1) Should have his own laptop.
2) Should be competent in using and understanding JavaScript on an intermediate level.
3) Should have a basic understanding about how Single Page Applications work.





Scaling your Career with agile thinking

The roles we take in our day-to-day job as software engineers have long since moved away from the classic Computer Science paradigm. The keys to unlock a joyful and fruitful journey in your career development lies in the process of thinking and acting in an agile way.

In this talk, Petros will cover the most important characteristics and mindset we should steadily adopt as Software Engineers in order to ‘step up our game’ in the industry.



Agile Thinking


From ad click to conversion, the whole journey and how you can optimize every step using Web Analytics.

In this session, we are going to explore, and briefly analyze, every step of the journey that a prospective client/subscriber might have on our website.

This journey starts with the first advertisement click, all the way up to the main goal completion of the client website. Each of these steps has its own characteristics, dangers and specific data attributes that we should monitor consistently.

By examining each step with these key characteristics in mind we can optimize our website/app to achieve even greater metrics as conversion rate, customer satisfaction and all around effectiveness in our products.