Márton Kodok

Márton is a romanian Google Developer Expert(GDE) senior software architect at REEAnet. A hero on StackOverflow with 120k reputation points. He led the implementation of complex and distributed systems serving millions of users for companies like FreeLogoServices, LogoMix, WaterSmart, Ausschreibungsdienste and many more.

Active contributor for open-source solutions like Beanstalkd message queue admin console, Riak PHP admin interface. Expert in Databases and Search systems like Google BigQuery, Elasticsearch, Redis, Sphinx. Active in mentoring and speaker at conferences.

Architecting for the Google Cloud Platform

Join this session to learn about cloud components, architecture overviews to build an app using GCP components.

You will get hands-on information on how to build highly scalable and flexible applications optimized to run in GCP on the same infrastructure that powers Google. We will discuss cloud concepts and highlights various design patterns and best practices.

By the end of the session you will have hands-on experience to build a basic cloud application, it could be a simple web tier, powered by highly distributed database, background tasks executed on a pub/subsystem, and you get information how to go next level with advanced concepts like analytics warehouse, recommendation engines, and ML.



Google Cloud Platform