Mobile is incredibly important and too often in site design we are seeing mobile design as an afterthought. With over 50% of site visits coming from mobile rather than desktop, meeting mobile needs needs to be at the centre of the way we design and build websites.  When we look at poorly designed mobile experiences, it’s clear that there is a knowledge gap out there among developers about what they can and should do to deliver a great experience. One that is fast, reliable and engaging. That’s a huge benefit to the users who are served by the sites and also for the people and companies that own the sites.

There’s lots of data that supports improvements in customer acquisition, retention and engagement though better mobile design.

This course won’t give you all the answers to creating a great mobile experience, though I hope it will set you on a journey as best practice is moving quickly in this area.



  • You need basic web development skills
  • 3-4 hours to run through the course materials
  • Pass the exam 90-minute multiple choice

What to bring

Bring your own laptop, pen and paper to take notes

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The course is free to attend to, but seats are limited, so hurry up and RSVP your seat


Welcome & Introduction | 15:45

Chapter 01 | 16:00

  • Win customers with mobile sites
  • Cut load times with Developer Tools
  • Speed up mobile site rendering
  • Key metrics for testing your site
  • Optimize mobile site transfer size
  • Optimize images and fonts

Break | 17:30

Chapter 02 | 17:45

  • Focus on mobile user experience
  • Deliver user-centered mobile experiences
  • Make mobile sites that drive conversions
  • Test and optimize mobile experiences
  • Create super-fast sites with AMP
  • Create Progressive Web Apps
  • Engage users with APIs

Break | 19:15
Online Exam | 19:30

End of Examination | 21:00